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Here, you can find a large range of carbon fibre products.


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We meticulously source the best materials available and follow a rigorous quality control process to ensure flawless, zero porosity carbon fiber every time.

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Fabrics & Reinforcement

Made from good quality carbon fibre, our woven fabrics are supplied in linear meter. They are readily be impregnated with resin and considerably easy to form your own molded shapes. Extremely brilliant for reinforcing, molding and fabricating your own parts. They are excellent material for sporting applications like skateboard, racket, bicycle and aircraft parts. The range of aplication is still expanding in the industry of aerospace, automobile, military, medical application an so on.

Carbon Fibre Tubing

Roll wrapped carbon fibre tubes with a glossy, 3k woven carbon fibre appearance. Made from 100% prepreg carbon fibre, these tubes look as good as they perform. Metric sizes.

Pultrusion is the name given to the continuous process of manufacturing composite materials and generally produces sections including tube, rod, box and angle with unidirectional alignment of the fibres. 
Because they are pultruded, the carbon fibre tubes in this section have unidirectional fibre alignment which gives them the maximum possible strength along their length but leaves them less strong in other planes meaning that particular care needs to be taken to how the are fixed to reduce crush forces and spread any load as evenly as possible.

Carbon Fibre Plate/Sheet

Rigid carbon fibre sheet is sheet material, reinforced either in part or in full by carbon fibre. It can be used in a wide range of applications including engineering, architecture, marine, aerospace and motor sport.Rigid sheet is flat and cannot re reshaped or re-formed to follow any other shape.

Being a manufacturer we can excercise strict quality control and ensure availability of our carbon fibre sheet products. If you need quality, reliability and availability on carbon fibre sheet products; we can help.

We also offer CNC cutting according to your design or requirement!